1974 – 2000


Prue Aubrey and Ada Patterson, two enthusiastic local golfers called the 1st meeting to see if there was interest to form a Golf Club on the 7th September 1974.

A committee was formed to investigate the feasibility.

Several sites were considered, the two most preferred were at Chains Hills on Omarama station or the present site, which was reserve land.  Access to water was the influencing factor.

Mr Warwick Smith assisted by the committee, designed the course and work commenced.  Nine families took responsibility for a hole each.

Materials, machinery and debentures were sort from within the district. 

Opening day recorded as 6th march 1976.

Several fund raising activities took place. Raffles, housie, produce stalls, catering, Balls and the very popular luncheons held in the gardens on the various stations.

The 1st Club House was a small two room hut purchased on the 20th February 1976 for $500. Power was to cost $296 for a period of 10 years.  Three dozen glasses purchased 26/6/1976. First building permit 21/4/1980.

Floods that set back progress on the course occurred from time to time!

The first tractor was bought from Haka Motors for $700 on 10th November 1979.

Lessons were arranged from Bryan Watt of Timaru who was the first pro on the course.

The local rules were drawn up on the 28/9/76.

On the 30/1/77 work begins on irrigation. Mr Dick Wadell ‘s sheep from Omarama Station continued to graze the Golf Course.

The present Club House was purchased on 28/4/77 from De Geests for $7,000. It was built as an eel factory and was not complete. The old Club House was tendered and went to Burn Croft Joinery in the village.

Mrs. A.F.T. Munro gave the piano plus $200 to tune it to the Club in November 1977.

14th February 1978 Holes were named. 1 Clay Cliffs. 2. Flag staff. 3. Basil Smith or Mt Benmore. 4. Ahuriri. 5.Quailburn. 6. Old Man or Black Peak, 7. Mt.Benmore or Buscott. 8. Lindis. 9. Totora. Changes were 2. Cuthbert, 3. Basil smith. 6 Twin Peaks. 5. Buscott.

9th May 1978.  Trophies decided. Knockout  tray for mixed foursomes donated by Omarama Motor Lodge. Men’s and Ladies Stableford Trophies – Mens from Mrs Faye McAughtrie and Ladies from Mr Dave Smith.  Presidents Trolphy – Biggest handicap reduction for the season . Championship Trophies.

Catering done for a car rally and stock sales during the year.  Cabarets held.

11th July 1978. Decision made that no children allowed on course during organised play. Children to be allowed in Club House.

12th December 1978.Omarama Ladies Golf Club joined the South Canterbury Ladies Association.

12th December 1978. Permission given for a stag party to be held in Club House for Ben Aubrey on condition that R. Perriam, D. Hutton and R. Aubrey be responsible for any damage. Bar profits to go to Club.

13 March 1979, Bill Lines Trophy – Best nett 3 rounds for season.

10th april 1979, Mrs Shore has offered a garage for removal to the course. Noel Hope Trophy - Veterans  V Juniors.

9th October 1979. Caramel coloured jerseys for club members to be ordered from Cameron’s.

11th December 1979. Flood damage, bridge at no.5 and bridge at no. 2 fairways.

11th January 1980, Two Pennant Teams, Danny McAughtrie Captain Juniors, Bruce Nehoff Captain Seniors. Programme printed for first time exactly same format as today.

8th April 1980. Linare Grant Trophy –Ladies Ringers Competition. Proprietors of Omarama Hotel, Mr and Mrs Finlayson offered $50 for first hole in one.

21st August 1980.Monogram  accepted as official.  Mention of return match with Kurow for the O.K. shield (toilet seat).  Mr R. Wardell had again approached Council re the lease.  Consent was given for the Club to take the necessary action to divert the Omarama Stream from No.4 fairway. Waitaki transport to sponsor tournament.

14th October 1980. Failure of irrigation system.

22nd November 1980. Subs at $35 double and $20 single.

19th May 1981. Invitation to participate in Proctor Rose Bowl which is played annually between Kurow, Ben Ohau, Otematata  and Omarama.

20th  June 1981. Fundraising Dinner held in  Club House. Minutes read  - Ladies to organise dinner and men to organise ladies.

11th August 1981.  Crockery for Club House purchased, 60 lunch plates and dessert plates for $340. Stage Coach Inn would help finance a bridge across Omarama Stream if the ground between them and stream becomes recreational area.

10th August 1982. Omarama won the Proctor Rose Bowl for the first time.

October 1982 . Greens were fenced.

19th April 1983. Lease finally signed. An account was received from WCC for backdated rent – Omarama Station had been  paying it during this period!!